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About Master Di Guoyong

General Information

Master Di Guoyong

Master Di Guoyong is a well-known traditional Chinese Wushu practitioner and was born in 1948, in Hebei Province, China. He is a member of the Chinese Wushu Association, a certified First Grade International Wushu Judge, a member of the Beijing Wushu Association, a 4th generation Bagua Zhang successor, 7th dan holder by the Chinese Wushu Association, a member of the Beijing Bagua Zhang Association as well as the Beijing Chuojiao Fanzi Quan assciation. In 1982, Master Di Guoyong was a founding member and organizer of the Beijing Xingyiquan Association, which was established in 1983, at which time he was appointed as its first Secretary-General. He also served as the President of the Beijing Xingyiquan Association during its 2nd term, and its Vice- President during its 3rd and 4th terms, and again from 1996 to 2006 he was the associations President. Currently, Master Di Guoyong is the Association's honorary President. In 1990, he organized the First All-China Xingyiquan Championships. Master Di Guoyong has coached in numerous institutions in China and abroad including the Beijing Sports University.

Master Wu Binlou Master Li Ziming Master Zhao Zhong

Chinese Wushu Background

In 1963, Master Di Guoyong started studying Shaolin Wushu and then Xingyi Quan under famous Master Zhao Zhong in Haidian, Beijing as his formal disciple. In 1973, Master Zhao Zhong introduced Master Di Guoyong to his second Shifu, Wu Binlou, under whom he studied Chuojiao Fanzi Quan. In 1975, Master Di started studying Bagua Zhang under the famous Master Li Ziming, and was one of his first disciples, and he is recognized as a 4th generation inheritor of the style.

Master Di's Bagua Zhang Lineage

Teaching and Instructing Background

From 1981 to 1987, Master Di taught Xingyi Quan at the Beijing University, the Beijing Foreign Language University, the Beijing Aeronautics College, as well as in other cities and provinces. From 1988 to 1990, Master Di taught in the Cameroon as an ambassador of Chinese Wushu. In 1995, Master Di was a coach and consultant in Hebei province. In 2002 he taught Xingyi Quan in Korea, and in 2003 he was the Xingyi Quan coach for the Beijing University's Wushu Association, and their short weapons technical consultant. In the same year, Guangzhou TV filmed and produced a documentary about Master Di. In July and August 2004, Master Di was invited to teach Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang in Romania, and in the same year, he was asked to give wushu lectures by Bowu and Wulin Internet sites, which were highly praised. In 2005, Beijing TV 6 filmed a series about Xingyi Quan featuring Master Di. In 2005, the Macau Wushu Association invited Master Di to give lectures and present theses on Xingyi Quan, about its different lineages and technicalities. From 2005 to present, Master Di has taught Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang in numerous countries regularly such as Russia, Hungary, Siberia, America, Australia, and he also continues to lecture and teach in China.

Disciples and Student's Achievements

1985 - 1988: Zhang Yanming, won numerous 1st place provincial titles in Sanshou Championships, including 1st place in the 1987 National Sanshou Championships in the mens 65kg event.

1986: Deng Yiming, won first place in the Xingyiquan Division of the Beijing High School Wushu Championships.

1997: Liu Mingliang won 1st Prize in the Xingyiquan division of the National Xingyi Quan Championships.

1999: Yang Shudong won 1st Place at the Beijing Traditional Wushu Championships in the Xingyi Quan Division.

2001 - 2002: Ding Jianrong won two 1st place titles at the Shanxi International Xingyi Quan Competition, as well as a 3rd place at the 2002 Beijing International Wushu Competition.

Over many years of teaching students both from within China as well as numerous foreign students, Master Di's students have acieved many good results in numerous competitions around the world.

Due to Master Di's continuous work and outstanding contributions within the field of traditional Chinese Wushu, he was commended and awarded the titles of "Advanced Wushu Professor" and "Wushu Development Researcher". Within the records of the Bejing Wushu Association's Research Department, Master Di is listed as the representative for Xingyi Quan. Master Di was part of the official national compilation committee tasked with organizing the official competition set's of Xiingyi Quan in 1997, and he has written numerous articles on traditional Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang that have been published in various national magazines and books.

In the year 2000, the People's Sports Publishing House had Master Di produce a DVD set about Xingyi Quan, which included barehand routines as well as weaponry (10 DVDs in total), which were produced in English as well and are currently being sold world wide with great response from the martial community. His books, "Xingyi Quan Xie Qing Jie",  were published in China in 2 volumes, which have subsequently been translated into English by Andrea Falk, and published by TGL Books. These books have also been well received by both the english and chinese martial communities. Master Di's 1998 thesis titled "Xingyi Quan Development and Research" was included in the national Wushu thesis submissions, and was awarded as a outstanding paper, and was included and publised in the 2005 Wushu Grand Thesis Collection's 2nd volume. His Bagua Zhang book has been published in Russia in 2007.

Today, Master Di continues to teach and research traditional Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Chuojiao Fanzi Quan in China and abroad, and also writes books on these subjects, and promotes and spread these traditions for future generations.

Master Di's Books